Children and Parents will Disagree on the Best Golf Schools

Who can say what the best golf sbhools are? Would you rate them on the tuition? On the facilities for the family? The best golf school for a group of guys might be totally useless for a family with two children to keep happy! Do you base it on results, such how lower your handicap got, or on that extra few yards you found on your drive.
Everybody has a different opinion on what makes a good golf school and it is therefore probably best to take the peripherals out of it. A golf school should be judged on its schooling in the great game of golf and nothing else. Forget the accommodation and the food. Forget what they do keep your partner or children amused while you are having your lesson. Judge it on how ell you are taught and how successful they are in curing these niggling problems.
Did your golf school cure your slice or your hook? Did it stop you twitching during your putt, or moving your head too soon on your drive? Did the teachers listen to you when you tried to explain your problems, or did they just follow a set program? These are how you should judge a golf school.
The Kids will Vote for Orlando!
Sure, a golf school in Orlando might be good. I'm pretty sure the kids will think Orlando is the best place for a golf school. Get mom or dad out of the way while they learn to play golf and we can spend all day at Disneyland. Your kids will vote for Orlando as being the best golf school, whichever of the many you choose. After all, is the Ken Venturi Golf Academy in Las Vegas any better that that in Orlando? Is the Phoenix branch of the Bird Golf Academy any better than the same one in Orlando?
In fact, is the best golf school one that provides you with best golf instruction or is it that which provides you with all the rest that you and your family are looking for in a vacation? This probably depends on whether or not you are visiting the school on vacation, or in a genuine attempt to seriously improve your golf. In which case the question is the same. But looked upon from a different angle.
Holidaymakers and Serious Golfers have Different Opinions
The holidaymaker has different priorities to the serious golfer spending a few days trying to improve his or her golf. It could be argued that a good golf school would recognize the difference and treat them accordingly. However, there is, as yet, no golf school that provides both good golf tuition and full family entertainment, although many golf school are situated in resorts.
The best golf schools are those that provide the person asked the question with what they are looking for, whether that be the best tuition or the best facilities. Asked the same question the children and the parents will provide different answers!

Golf Schools In The Winter Make Great Vacations

Have you ever considered golf schools for a winter vacation? Have you ever looked out onto your nearest golf course and wished it would stop snowing? Or have you stood shivering in the middle of a rock hard fairway wishing all that frost would disappear and that spring would arrive? Why not take a winter vacation and combine it with some much needed golf instruction.
How do keep your game in trim for the new season. Unless you are a tour professional and travel to warmer climates for your golf in the winter, you either play a lot less or you take a golfing vacation. In winter, why not fit in some professional golf instruction with your vacation? A winter golf school is a great way of not only keeping your game up to scratch during the winter season, but also of ironing out all these niggling little problems that may have been creeping into your game.
Are You Unique In The Golfing World?
Unless you are unique in the world of golf, you could certainly do with a bit of golf schooling, and the winter is probably the best time to get it. Most people find that they reach a certain level in golf, and can go no further because they don't know how to. It's all very well reading books and watching golf videos, but nothing beats the personal attention provided by professional teachers. Some even provide one to one coaching.
It is important, however, to keep in mind that this is a vacation, and the golf is only a part of it. For your partner or family it may be not even that, and they will want something to keep them amused while you are out on the course or practice range satisfying your own particular needs. For this reason you don't want a golf academy way out in the middle of nowhere. There has to be some alternative entertainment, and resort golf schools are ideal.
A winter golfing vacation in Arizona or Nevada is ideal for you and your family. Winters in desert resorts are warm and the golf coaching is excellent. There are some great golf resorts and golf schools in places such as Scottsdale, with the Nicklaus/Flick Game Improvement School at the Scottsdale Tournament Players Club, and Phoenix, with the Advantage Golf School which also operates from other locations in Arizona.
esert Golf Academies Are Busy In Winter
If you can get a deal with unlimited golf thrown in after your lesson, then what could be better? Great weather, great instruction and great golf. Your one single problem could be demand. Many winter resorts are in great demand due to their good weather. In fact, it is more comfortable even for the residents to play the desert courses in winter than it is in summer, and lots of people will have the same idea as you. You need to book as early as you can to have the choice of school that is generally available. If you have a favorite golf academy, that you have tried elsewhere and want to try again, then book this year for next year! The demand can be that high.