Colorado Golf Schools Are Stunning And Great Learning

Colorado golf schools are becoming more popular as holidaymakers opt to combine golf with winter sports. Not only can you get golf tuition is Aspen or Vail, but you can also get ski instruction.
Or perhaps you prefer golf and your family prefers the other sports than Rocky Mountain resorts have to offer. Skating, snowmobiles and skiing could be an attractive diversion from your golf coaching, and you have a wider range of golf schools in Colorado than you might think.
Vail or Aspen? Now you're Askin'!
Golf is becoming more popular in Colorado, and the state is responding with an increasing number of golf courses and golf schools. Don't let the mountainous terrain put you off. Some of these Colorado golf courses are truly remarkable and certainly of championship standard. Not only in Aspen, or in Vail which is actually the more popular skiing resort of the two, but also in areas not so well known for winter sports such as Denver and Cordillera.
Denver, the state capital, boasts the Bird Golf Academy and the shopping is great. The night life is good and Denver is the ideal venue to combine some good golf instruction with a city vacation that will keep your partner happy while you are improving your game. On the other hand the David Leadbetter Academy in Vail can provide expert instruction and analysis of your swing using modern video analysis while the rest of your family get involved in all that the premier winter sports resort of the USA can offer.
High Altitude means Longer Drives!
Because of its high altitude, even the less hilly areas of Colorado let you drive much farther than you would closer to sea level. So don't think that your golf school is better than it is: it may not be your schooling that got you driving farther! Once you get back home you could be back to normal, but make sure you get than photograph taken with the yardage beside your ball! Your buddies won't know your secret!
Don't think it's all snow. The scenery is fantastic and the wildlife is typical of a mountain state. There really is something in Colorado for everybody, and the views of the Rockies and the miles of forest are fabulous. Make sure that you plan well in advance, because these golf schools are getting more popular. Try to satisfy the needs of everybody in your family, and you will never regret combining golf instruction with your vacation.